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“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.  They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”  (Jeremiah 29:11)

 Dear Friends:

Let us introduce ourselves! House of Peace is a local non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration of the troubled, destitute and homeless of Goldendale and Klickitat County. It is our goal to offer food, encouragement and education to the community members.

We are currently trying to build a list of committed supporters to help us be a success in our endeavors. Our organization is dedicated to the cause and we have complete confidence that our wonderful City of Goldendale has business owners, residents and friends across the country who would be willing and able to financially sponsor or support us!

Once you read our brochure, you will see what House of Peace is striving to do. We have the plan in action and we are trying to schedule volunteer staffing. There is a lot to be accomplished and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.             

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PO Box 564 ~ Goldendale, WA 98620  Phone: 509-261-0636 ~ Fax: 509-362-9623

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I’m Back!

Firstly let me apologize for being so insensitive to all of you.  I know my daily antics are not of premier interest to any of you but I did promise to keep you updated and I have not done so.

It seems that since my knee surgery I have been so busy that I have had trouble keeping up with all the things I need to do.  How did that happen?  I should have MORE time on my hands but it doesn’t seem to have worked out that way.

My surgery was just before Thanksgiving and I am still working on getting full mobility.  I am doing tremendously well however and I am so very glad to have finally taken that step of getting the surgery.  My leg is still swollen and I cannot bend it as far as I would like, BUT – I am making headway all the time.  I am able to walk without my cane most of the time (except on uneven ground on the farm) and have even managed to walk up the stairs  (all 18 of them) in a normal fashion – meaning one foot after the other instead of the slow method of one step up with my right foot, followed by my left foot coming to rest on the same step and then proceeding to the next one.  Whew!  So glad that is over.  I do still need to descend the stairs in that fashion however because my knee does not quite bend as far as it should to  do that task.

I was told that I would be ever so glad to have had the surgery once I actually did it and I have to agree.  Yes, I have a bit of pain occasionally but it is nothing like I was experiencing before I took the bit step to surgery.   Even my dad had encouraged me to quit putting it off – my mom had BOTH her knees replaced when she was in her 80’s and never regretted it!   My next goal is to be able to dance once again – I have not been able to do that in over 15 years.  I am excited at the prospect of that accomplishment.  I have to be a little careful to not twist on that knee but I will figure out a way to do it soon!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful 2016.  It is passing by so quickly – I can hardly imagine that it is already the end of February.  My husband and I just celebrated our 19th anniversary on Valentine’s Day and it almost seems like yesterday that we met.  It has been a year since my youngest son came home from Montana and I am so enjoying having him around again.  He was gone waaaaay to long to suit me!  My oldest son lives in Texas and he has become a new daddy – after 20 years.  His youngest son and wife just had a baby last April so that makes me a grandma again as well as a great-grandma!  I’m soooo confused – I think I must be aging a bit more quickly than I anticipated.  But I guess that is normal – life goes on, and on, and on!  So glad to be a part of it.  Wouldn’t miss it for anything!

Happy writing to all of you – I will be checking in on some of you soon!








This is my encouragement for 2016.  Keep writing, keep sharing, keep positive!

I appreciate the articles I read on here and I am impressed by the depth of thought, encouragement, tips, cheerleading attempts and camaraderie that is developed through our interaction with one another.

Better Than Boring

Thank you my friends for your input – you have helped me and I hope that I am always able to support and encourage each of you as well.  Let’s have fun in 2016!!

Are You Right or Am I?

All of this political correctness drives me crazy!  Whatever holiday you are getting ready to celebrate, I wish you blessings and much happiness.  I struggle with all the negative remarks about one’s beliefs – it should never be an “I’m right – you’re wrong” attitude and I try to stay out of that stuff.  So let me try to express myself without offense to anyone – for that is not my intent!  Here I go – – –

Each of us has the right to believe whatever we want to believe and live however we choose to live.  I’m not saying that I necessarily accept or agree with everyone, BUT I do say that each person has the right to believe how they want.  I’m sure that every person is convinced that their way is the right way – of course I believe that my way is the right way.  I am a Christian and even in my own circle of Christian friends there is room for improvement.  The only thing I’m really trying to say here is that  people should reflect the TRUTH of their belief in their actions – ultimately their honesty!  I don’t care what religion you are involved in  – if you are causing harm to someone else, no matter if it is a small harm or a great harm – you’re wrong!

Abuse, killing, torture, mayhem – all of that stuff is wrong!  I don’t know how many different religions there are that instruct us to “treat others as you would want to be treated” but I really do believe THAT is our purpose here on earth – we should all be trying to get along with others here on this Planet Earth!  A life is a life!  Each individual has the right to live without fear of someone else taking their life.  However, I also believe that we have the right to defend ourselves and right now our country is in dire straights to survive the mayhem all around us.   I don’t believe we have to sit back and accept the fear and terrorism going on all around us!

I am not on a rant! I just hurt in my heart that there is so much anger, strife, destruction and selfishness being exhibited in today’s world.  However we managed to get here – to this place in time – I think we should be going out of our way to help make someone else’s life a bit more enjoyable.  So let’s do just that this season in time.

Let’s set aside our own selfishness (we all have it)!

Let’s be a blessing to someone else!

Let’s show our humanity!