Are You Right or Am I?

All of this political correctness drives me crazy!  Whatever holiday you are getting ready to celebrate, I wish you blessings and much happiness.  I struggle with all the negative remarks about one’s beliefs – it should never be an “I’m right – you’re wrong” attitude and I try to stay out of that stuff.  So let me try to express myself without offense to anyone – for that is not my intent!  Here I go – – –

Each of us has the right to believe whatever we want to believe and live however we choose to live.  I’m not saying that I necessarily accept or agree with everyone, BUT I do say that each person has the right to believe how they want.  I’m sure that every person is convinced that their way is the right way – of course I believe that my way is the right way.  I am a Christian and even in my own circle of Christian friends there is room for improvement.  The only thing I’m really trying to say here is that  people should reflect the TRUTH of their belief in their actions – ultimately their honesty!  I don’t care what religion you are involved in  – if you are causing harm to someone else, no matter if it is a small harm or a great harm – you’re wrong!

Abuse, killing, torture, mayhem – all of that stuff is wrong!  I don’t know how many different religions there are that instruct us to “treat others as you would want to be treated” but I really do believe THAT is our purpose here on earth – we should all be trying to get along with others here on this Planet Earth!  A life is a life!  Each individual has the right to live without fear of someone else taking their life.  However, I also believe that we have the right to defend ourselves and right now our country is in dire straights to survive the mayhem all around us.   I don’t believe we have to sit back and accept the fear and terrorism going on all around us!

I am not on a rant! I just hurt in my heart that there is so much anger, strife, destruction and selfishness being exhibited in today’s world.  However we managed to get here – to this place in time – I think we should be going out of our way to help make someone else’s life a bit more enjoyable.  So let’s do just that this season in time.

Let’s set aside our own selfishness (we all have it)!

Let’s be a blessing to someone else!

Let’s show our humanity!




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