On the Road Again!

Yep, I’m on the road to recovery!  I came home on Friday (11/27) and have been working at recovering ever since.  Oh, come on now I know it isn’t going to happen overnight!  I’m actually doing rather well at this point.

Soaring Eagle

It has been a few days of increased pain and some extra pain medicine, but today is by far the most encouraging day I’ve had.  I took a pain pill about 2:30 AM and I have not had one since then.  I am doing very well and being very happy about it.

Yesterday was my first date with my home physical therapist.  What a nice man, but how cruel!  Just joking my friends – he gave me some exercises and I did fairly well with them and announced that he would see me again on Thursday for some more fun and games.  Most of the exercises were rather easy but of course – no pain, no gain – right?  There are a couple that I will be working on for some time to come and I must say that I am not ready for that quite yet!

My entire left leg is a myriad of colors from grayish green to a deep blue and a bit of red sprinkled throughout.  And sore – well that isn’t even the word for it.  But, I know it will heal and I must say that I am able to tell the difference between this temporary healing pain and the excruciating long-term activity pain I have been dealing with for the last year.  I waited too long to do something about it and now I’m rejoicing that it is finally over and this too shall pass!

My strength will increase, the bruises will fade and I will be ready to rock and roll.  Literally – – rock and roll!  My greatest desire has been to be able to dance once again and I am able to envision it already.  So hang in there with me and I may even post a picture of that achievement by summer!

Thanks for all the encouraging words and your friendship – you are a great bunch of “behind the scenes” friends!  Have a great day and I’ll be talking at you later.


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