Are You Right or Am I?

All of this political correctness drives me crazy!  Whatever holiday you are getting ready to celebrate, I wish you blessings and much happiness.  I struggle with all the negative remarks about one’s beliefs – it should never be an “I’m right – you’re wrong” attitude and I try to stay out of that stuff.  So let me try to express myself without offense to anyone – for that is not my intent!  Here I go – – –

Each of us has the right to believe whatever we want to believe and live however we choose to live.  I’m not saying that I necessarily accept or agree with everyone, BUT I do say that each person has the right to believe how they want.  I’m sure that every person is convinced that their way is the right way – of course I believe that my way is the right way.  I am a Christian and even in my own circle of Christian friends there is room for improvement.  The only thing I’m really trying to say here is that  people should reflect the TRUTH of their belief in their actions – ultimately their honesty!  I don’t care what religion you are involved in  – if you are causing harm to someone else, no matter if it is a small harm or a great harm – you’re wrong!

Abuse, killing, torture, mayhem – all of that stuff is wrong!  I don’t know how many different religions there are that instruct us to “treat others as you would want to be treated” but I really do believe THAT is our purpose here on earth – we should all be trying to get along with others here on this Planet Earth!  A life is a life!  Each individual has the right to live without fear of someone else taking their life.  However, I also believe that we have the right to defend ourselves and right now our country is in dire straights to survive the mayhem all around us.   I don’t believe we have to sit back and accept the fear and terrorism going on all around us!

I am not on a rant! I just hurt in my heart that there is so much anger, strife, destruction and selfishness being exhibited in today’s world.  However we managed to get here – to this place in time – I think we should be going out of our way to help make someone else’s life a bit more enjoyable.  So let’s do just that this season in time.

Let’s set aside our own selfishness (we all have it)!

Let’s be a blessing to someone else!

Let’s show our humanity!




Writing – What a Wonderful Life


Can I express myself?  Most often pretty succinctly – most easily on a piece of paper.  I love to write – every day – multiple times, sometimes about nothing and then again about everything!  It helps me vent and be aware of my innermost feelings.  What I really love is when the writing takes over and you don’t know the story until you read it later.  That is my favorite kind of writing because it feels the most naturally expressive.  I’m sure there is some kind of fancy name for that kind of writing – I don’t know what it is but I love doing it.

I just want to write!  I try to find a niche that I am most comfortable in and I find all of them at one time or another useful, depending on my type of  expressions.  It seems to me that real-life incidents trigger the emotional depth I like to express in most of my writing.  Sometimes I want to be silly, sometimes I want to be descriptive, sometimes I want to be factual and I always want to be encouraging.  Words.jpgWords are so very important to life itself.  We need to be watchful however of how we use words.  I believe words should be uplifting, encouraging, healing, inspirational, hopeful and fun.  I try to complete even my rants on a positive note.  I am conscious of others’ feelings in a way that even when telling someone the truth about a serious subject (maybe their words or something resulting from their own behavior) that I leave them with a hopeful outlook.

I don’t ever want to be considered a “know-it-all”, self-righteous, condescending or unfeeling.  I just want to help someone else see the rainbow beyond the clouds.  Now don’t get me wrong, I know that not everything spoken is going to “mend the world” or even make it a “better place.”  Neither do I want to appear to have all the answers to everyone’s dilemma or the solution to the world’s problems – I just want to make a difference and for that difference to be a positive one!

There is so much hopelessness in the world today.  I want to help and I know that I cannot help everyone BUT . . . I do know that I can help someone!  I firmly believe that life is what it is and there are some things we cannot change, no matter how much we hope, pray, cry, plead, holler, cuss or berate the situation.  So many things are out of our control and we are just along for the ride.  We might as well make the best of it and keep looking for the silver lining in the dirty, grey, black, ominous clouds overhead.


At least for me – – – that’s the way it works!  I try to find the beauty in everything and maybe that makes me a dreamer.  I would guess that I would rather be a dreamer than give up!  Tomorrow is another day, a new chance to make right decisions, fix wrongs and keep going.  Maybe my writing helps me do that.  I’m not sure – most feedback I get is encouraging and of course I always run into life’s doom-sayers, but you can’t keep me down and if I can help you get back up to your feet through my words, I will breathe my last breath trying!

Coyotes, Cougars & Bears, oh my!

       THANK GOD FOR OUR GUARD DOGS!       GuardDogsLast night was a really wild night.  It seemed like the dogs were practicing their barking skills all night long.  There are so many times we get up from watching TV or get back out of bed to check the fields around our house because of the tumult they cause in the middle of the night.  Sometimes we think they are just playing a game, are bored, or scared, or lonely and need something to do.

Inevitably on the nights we are so sure they are just causing a commotion, we find telltale paw prints the next morning – a lot closer to home than we would like to have them.  Once again such was the case Thursday night – big coyote tracks breaking through the frozen snow inside the fenced pastures, venturing close to our goats was a clear indication that we had visitors – even though we humans could not spot them!  Chloe, our Maremma herd dog, barked herself silly all night long, but she knew what she was doing.  If not for her protecting those goats, more than likely we would have been missing someone from the herd this morning.

But we know now – after our discovery – that she was hard at work making sure the coyotes stayed a safe distance from our small herd of goats.  We have seven young goats and seven adult goats.  They all have horns so they are somewhat able to defend themselves and yet coyotes are known to be very determined, especially working as a group.

I am sure that Chloe spent much of her evening doing exactly what she was bred to do and we didn’t have to teach her anything.  When we got her, we put her in with the goats and they became her family.  She eats, sleeps, plays and coyoteguards them with her life.  We often find it humorous because when we go out to feed them, she even tries to eat the hay we put into their feeder.  The look on her face is priceless as she looks at us with hay hanging from both sides of her mouth, as if to say:  “I sure don’t understand how these goats think this is such a fantastic meal that they push and shove one another out of the way when Dad brings us dinner.”

This is not the first time she has protected them from predators.  A couple of summers ago we had a huge mama cougar sleeping on a lower branch of one of our pine trees.


It was so arrogant that it just lolled away time on the branch not even  100 yards from where the goats were grazing in the pasture.  Hubby finally took aim at it with his .223 and scared it away.  He didn’t have a cougar tag then but we have learned that we get one every year now because the cougars don’t seem to be even a little afraid of us.  They just lie there and watch us as we go about our chores.  I guess we have been pretty fortunate that they have not been starving or we probably would have had more of a problem.

Finally, to round things out as far as variety, we have had several visits from the neighborhood bears as well.  They seem to have been young and not particularly large, but a threat even at that.  bearThere was a small one standing upright in the road just above our driveway three years ago, a fairly large one charged our fence  in the feed lot two years back and again just the other night my husband could smell one in the pasture below the barn, near the creek.

So far we have been fortunate enough that we have not lost any of our animals.  There are not just goats to be concerned about.  We also have 40+ chickens, eight turkeys, two cats and a house dog.  Between the two guard dogs, Chloe (Maremma) and Rambo (Great Pyrenees), things around here have been pretty well protected.  We figure it is a pretty fair trade-off (the barking for the safety) but I’m not sure the neighbors would agree.  Although when you stop to think about it – the dogs are actually protecting other residents as well as ourselves.  So we are hoping they will give us some grace with our alarm system!

On the Road Again!

Yep, I’m on the road to recovery!  I came home on Friday (11/27) and have been working at recovering ever since.  Oh, come on now I know it isn’t going to happen overnight!  I’m actually doing rather well at this point.

Soaring Eagle

It has been a few days of increased pain and some extra pain medicine, but today is by far the most encouraging day I’ve had.  I took a pain pill about 2:30 AM and I have not had one since then.  I am doing very well and being very happy about it.

Yesterday was my first date with my home physical therapist.  What a nice man, but how cruel!  Just joking my friends – he gave me some exercises and I did fairly well with them and announced that he would see me again on Thursday for some more fun and games.  Most of the exercises were rather easy but of course – no pain, no gain – right?  There are a couple that I will be working on for some time to come and I must say that I am not ready for that quite yet!

My entire left leg is a myriad of colors from grayish green to a deep blue and a bit of red sprinkled throughout.  And sore – well that isn’t even the word for it.  But, I know it will heal and I must say that I am able to tell the difference between this temporary healing pain and the excruciating long-term activity pain I have been dealing with for the last year.  I waited too long to do something about it and now I’m rejoicing that it is finally over and this too shall pass!

My strength will increase, the bruises will fade and I will be ready to rock and roll.  Literally – – rock and roll!  My greatest desire has been to be able to dance once again and I am able to envision it already.  So hang in there with me and I may even post a picture of that achievement by summer!

Thanks for all the encouraging words and your friendship – you are a great bunch of “behind the scenes” friends!  Have a great day and I’ll be talking at you later.