Pain, More Pain & Then More Pain

Well, Thanksgiving Day came and went without me because I had a little set-back at the hospital in the Pain Department.  I experienced a whole new level of discomfort and paid the price for several days.

I was able to make it home on Friday – after being painfully sandwiched into my silver Subaru (gently by my husband and the nurse) and then rolled from one side of the seat to the other as we negotiated the hills and curves of Hwy 97 on the way back to Goldendale.  My sweet husband talking non-stop all the way to tell me of all the things I had been missing since going into the hospital – (honey, I really don’t care – just get me home alive – NOW!)

Hubby had stopped at the grocery store and the pharmacy before he picked me up at the hospital and then we had to drop some things off at our extra freezer.   He mentioned that my panting reminded him of a woman having a baby – I was just trying to stay sane on the ride home!  Once we left the neighbor’s house we got to experienced the 4-wheel drive road up to our home for the last 1-1/2 miles.  Bounce, jerk, cry, pant, moan, brace yourself for the next pothole and on it went.  Seemed like another hour before we made it to the driveway and parked the car.

My husband is hurrying as fast as he can to get me out of the car and the guard dogs are doing their guard dog thing around me (sniffing, eyeballing, whining and wanting to be petted).  So – now for the final stage of Friday’s helping of pain.  Open the passenger door and try to figure out how to un-sandwich myself  from my silver Subaru.  My husband is reaching for my leg and I am panicking because I know it has to move really slowly and he just wants to help me out of the car as quickly as possible.  He now is holding the walker and pulling on my arm and I am not bending as easily as we think it should be.  Then . . . in VERY slow motion I am able to wiggle the foot on my sore leg to a position where it may or may not make it out of the car.  Pant, pant, pant, cry, moan, curse and then plead for mercy!  I wish I could make up my mind – I just want out of the damn car and I want out now!

FINALLY I GET BOTH FEET OUT OF THE CAR – Hallelujah, celebration time and a happy dance if I  could manage it.  I’m still alive and things are looking up for me.  Now I only have 18 steps to get into the house and then into the recliner from which I don’t ever plan on moving again as long as I live!

I’m alive, I’m still in one piece, I have not torn out all of my hair and I can even manage a smile at my poor frazzled husband.  Now I can “relax” and heal at home.  Tomorrow is another day and I will have a better outlook!


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