Time Provided – My New Knee

Not that anyone really cares about my new knee except me, but I am excited and a little bit nervous about this operation!


  1. I have needed this done for over 12 years.  Originally docs told me I   was too young and to wait until I could not stand the pain anymore.
  2.  I have finally reached my pain limit and it is time to do this – NOW!
  3.  I will now have time to write, write, write and read, read, read!
  4.  I need some time off to “relax” doing what I love to do – write.
  5. I can stay in my jammies all day if I want to – make breakfast when I feel like it and don’t have to rush off to the office.


  1. I don’t like pain and I know I am still going to have some until I get healed up completely.
  2. I might go crazy staying home all the time and not being able to get up and go whenever I feel like it.
  3. I have down-sized my business so that I can handle everything from home and I have ALWAYS worked.  This will be a whole new concept for me – just doing whatever I want, whenever I want.  Kind of sounds like fun – – but I’m not sure!
  4. I have never spent every waking moment with my husband – am I ready for this?
  5. I’m retirement age – how did that happen?  I think it sneaked up on me and caught me off guard.

So there it is folks – retirement, relaxation at home??? and surgery.  Just what we all have been striving for since we started working.  Except for the surgery part.  Everyone I have talked with tells me that I will be glad I got the surgery done and that I will be up and around in no time (6 weeks).

We will see how much I enjoy all of this.

Better Than Boring

I will keep you updated!


2 thoughts on “Time Provided – My New Knee

  1. Good luck with your surgery. Recovery is never fun, but many times not as bad as we think it will be. It sounds like you planned ahead, a very smart move. As for your husband, he needs a hobby after you’ve recovered, even the best of people grate each others nerves when they’re around each other all the time!


    • Thanks – I am learning there is a pain curve which lets you know where you are in the healing process. My husband has plenty of work with the animals to keep him busy. He also knows I already have “cabin fever” and need to get out. Ha, ha, ha, I just don’t know if I have the energy to go out! 🙂


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