Thank You for Sharing!

cute cat reading books6

Let’s see what my guide book has to say on this subject.

There are so many talented people out there.  I have found wonderful articles here which truly inspire, entertain and make you smile.  Thank you for writing your thoughts, feelings, adventures and opinions.

I am fairly new to WordPress & I must say that I enjoy the availability of such an assortment of reading material.  AND having the opportunity to interact with other authors is a plus! I have been a FB Fan for quite a long time and I truly enjoy the relationships I have there as well, but often feel like I have more to say than just a “like” or “share,” although that is encouraging to others.

I want to be an encourager! I want to share my thoughts with others who express sometimes their deepest thoughts, yearnings, opinions & some are just having fun! Keep doing what you are doing because it touches others’ lives.

I’m willing to guess that there are writers whose only outlet of expression is here on WP.  I’m thankful for you too and if I can be uplifting and encouraging to you, well then I want to do that also through my writing.

I am also a newbie freelance writer and experiencing some writing tasks I probably would never have gone looking for on my own.  It can be quite fun at times and having a deadline in which to complete a writing task is good practice for our futures of being a sought-after author!  At least for me!

So I actually said all that just to say: Keep writing for I and other enthusiasts will keep reading.  It just seems natural that reading and writing go together.  I’m not sure how arithmetic got thrown in there but that is a good skill to have also because we do need to keep track of our royalties after all!




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