Pain, More Pain & Then More Pain

Well, Thanksgiving Day came and went without me because I had a little set-back at the hospital in the Pain Department.  I experienced a whole new level of discomfort and paid the price for several days.

I was able to make it home on Friday – after being painfully sandwiched into my silver Subaru (gently by my husband and the nurse) and then rolled from one side of the seat to the other as we negotiated the hills and curves of Hwy 97 on the way back to Goldendale.  My sweet husband talking non-stop all the way to tell me of all the things I had been missing since going into the hospital – (honey, I really don’t care – just get me home alive – NOW!)

Hubby had stopped at the grocery store and the pharmacy before he picked me up at the hospital and then we had to drop some things off at our extra freezer.   He mentioned that my panting reminded him of a woman having a baby – I was just trying to stay sane on the ride home!  Once we left the neighbor’s house we got to experienced the 4-wheel drive road up to our home for the last 1-1/2 miles.  Bounce, jerk, cry, pant, moan, brace yourself for the next pothole and on it went.  Seemed like another hour before we made it to the driveway and parked the car.

My husband is hurrying as fast as he can to get me out of the car and the guard dogs are doing their guard dog thing around me (sniffing, eyeballing, whining and wanting to be petted).  So – now for the final stage of Friday’s helping of pain.  Open the passenger door and try to figure out how to un-sandwich myself  from my silver Subaru.  My husband is reaching for my leg and I am panicking because I know it has to move really slowly and he just wants to help me out of the car as quickly as possible.  He now is holding the walker and pulling on my arm and I am not bending as easily as we think it should be.  Then . . . in VERY slow motion I am able to wiggle the foot on my sore leg to a position where it may or may not make it out of the car.  Pant, pant, pant, cry, moan, curse and then plead for mercy!  I wish I could make up my mind – I just want out of the damn car and I want out now!

FINALLY I GET BOTH FEET OUT OF THE CAR – Hallelujah, celebration time and a happy dance if I  could manage it.  I’m still alive and things are looking up for me.  Now I only have 18 steps to get into the house and then into the recliner from which I don’t ever plan on moving again as long as I live!

I’m alive, I’m still in one piece, I have not torn out all of my hair and I can even manage a smile at my poor frazzled husband.  Now I can “relax” and heal at home.  Tomorrow is another day and I will have a better outlook!


Time Provided – My New Knee

Not that anyone really cares about my new knee except me, but I am excited and a little bit nervous about this operation!


  1. I have needed this done for over 12 years.  Originally docs told me I   was too young and to wait until I could not stand the pain anymore.
  2.  I have finally reached my pain limit and it is time to do this – NOW!
  3.  I will now have time to write, write, write and read, read, read!
  4.  I need some time off to “relax” doing what I love to do – write.
  5. I can stay in my jammies all day if I want to – make breakfast when I feel like it and don’t have to rush off to the office.


  1. I don’t like pain and I know I am still going to have some until I get healed up completely.
  2. I might go crazy staying home all the time and not being able to get up and go whenever I feel like it.
  3. I have down-sized my business so that I can handle everything from home and I have ALWAYS worked.  This will be a whole new concept for me – just doing whatever I want, whenever I want.  Kind of sounds like fun – – but I’m not sure!
  4. I have never spent every waking moment with my husband – am I ready for this?
  5. I’m retirement age – how did that happen?  I think it sneaked up on me and caught me off guard.

So there it is folks – retirement, relaxation at home??? and surgery.  Just what we all have been striving for since we started working.  Except for the surgery part.  Everyone I have talked with tells me that I will be glad I got the surgery done and that I will be up and around in no time (6 weeks).

We will see how much I enjoy all of this.

Better Than Boring

I will keep you updated!

Gift Time Suggestions

Lin has her first published book…so exciting! She has a very good way with words, and her story of faith in God is truly amazing! “Hanging By A Thread” is a perfect title for this book. – NC from Goldendale, WA

HangingISBN #978-1500508135

You might want to check out this quick read for a family member or friend.  Find it on  Great little gift / stocking stuffer.  It is a true story relating a real-life crisis!  God is soooo good!

Another quick read for children’s bed-time or nap-time filled with adventure, action and a moral to boot!  This book is also on

ZipperISBN #978-1500659684

Take a minute to check them out – you may find one of them to be a perfect fit for someone on your list.  AND – of course – I would appreciate your passing this on.




Thank You for Sharing!

cute cat reading books6

Let’s see what my guide book has to say on this subject.

There are so many talented people out there.  I have found wonderful articles here which truly inspire, entertain and make you smile.  Thank you for writing your thoughts, feelings, adventures and opinions.

I am fairly new to WordPress & I must say that I enjoy the availability of such an assortment of reading material.  AND having the opportunity to interact with other authors is a plus! I have been a FB Fan for quite a long time and I truly enjoy the relationships I have there as well, but often feel like I have more to say than just a “like” or “share,” although that is encouraging to others.

I want to be an encourager! I want to share my thoughts with others who express sometimes their deepest thoughts, yearnings, opinions & some are just having fun! Keep doing what you are doing because it touches others’ lives.

I’m willing to guess that there are writers whose only outlet of expression is here on WP.  I’m thankful for you too and if I can be uplifting and encouraging to you, well then I want to do that also through my writing.

I am also a newbie freelance writer and experiencing some writing tasks I probably would never have gone looking for on my own.  It can be quite fun at times and having a deadline in which to complete a writing task is good practice for our futures of being a sought-after author!  At least for me!

So I actually said all that just to say: Keep writing for I and other enthusiasts will keep reading.  It just seems natural that reading and writing go together.  I’m not sure how arithmetic got thrown in there but that is a good skill to have also because we do need to keep track of our royalties after all!



Vets & The Homeless

I am basically venting today so forgive me if I bore you.  I have just been thinking about the holidays and all those people who have nowhere to go and nothing to eat.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner and then comes Christmas.

I have a couple of friends who are in a project with me.  We are trying to establish a “Soup Kitchen” and building where the homeless in our community can come in to get breakfast and then have a place to stay inside where it is warm.  We are not able to do a shelter, but we do want to be able to provide a place for them to sit and read or study the Bible, socialize with others, play cards, work on puzzles, etc. etc. etc.  We do have a semi-shelter in town that will allow a person to stay overnight but only once every 30 days.  I’m having trouble understanding why there are not more places to help these people out.

It is a shame also the way the Veterans are treated, but that is something that has been going on for years and years.  I think it is shameful to witness the disrespect and uncaring attitude so many of the people have toward them.  Personally I don’t care if you don’t like war or think we have no business getting involved in others’ wars.  Our brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, dads and moms are putting their lives on the line to keep the US safe.  If we don’t fight the war over there, we will eventually be fighting the war over here.  Our servicemen and women go above and beyond the line of duty to keep America free.

There is so much discontent and fear rampaging the US now that we need to step back and take a look at the reasons we are safer than other countries.  What do some of these veterans come home to?  Are they given jobs?  Are they given good healthcare?  NO!  In many instances they are disrespected, spit on or cursed.  Now I know that there are many citizens who appreciate what our troops have done to keep us safe and free, but I see the homeless and the veterans who are suffering and it burns within me to DO SOMETHING!

I know we can’t help everyone but I saw a post the other day that said we can help at least one person.  Just think about that concept.  If each person committed to help one person survive the holidays and beyond, what a difference we would make in our own little circle of influence!  People are always saying they are strapped for cash and yet some always have the money to smoke, drink, gamble, eat out or get their daily latte.  If each person sacrificed one of their treats daily, by the end of the week they could probably go to McDonald’s or Subway or KFC or wherever and buy a meal for someone who has not had anything to eat all day or maybe all week!

Let’s think about that for awhile and see what we can do this next week.  Let me know how it goes – I love success stories!!!