Encouraging Words Mean a Lot!

Next on your agenda are the bank deposits and getting office supplies on the way back to the office.  Well, that doesn’t go well either.  The deposits are mixed up and you have to recount everything and the line at Office Supplies Today is about ten people deep with only one checker.  So while you are checking your watch every few minutes your foot begins to tap out a code indicating your impatience.  The customer behind you tentatively reaches out to get your attention and begins to tell you how beautiful your suit is and how professional you look.  You offer a hasty thank you as your items begin to approach the scanner.   It’s about time and you finally are able to return to the office and actually get some work done.

As your client arrives to pick up the project you have fussed over all day, he tells you how grateful he is for your expertise because without it he would never have been able to do his presentation the next day.  He leaves you with a smile a mile wide and a generous tip to boot.

Now stop to think about how hectic your day has been and how you were able to accomplish your goals despite the interference.  As you review your day you remember the graciousness of the lady with the little dog and you realize that you were where you were meant to be in order to make her loneliness a little less overwhelming because you took time to visit with her.  Your time at the bank actually helped you slow down and regroup.  The lady at the office supply store made you secretly feel good about yourself although you were frazzled and impatient.  Finally, your client picked up the project he had you working on and praised your competence and efficiency, letting you know how very important it was to his successful presentation.  His tip to you certainly showed that he meant what he said!

So as you realize how much you needed and appreciated the encouragement you received today, the reality of being an encouragement to others gives you an inner satisfaction that none of your time today was wasted.  You were where you needed to be and despite your impatience you were able to be a blessing as well as be blessed yourself.  That gentle realization makes you vow to take things more in stride in the future because there is a more important plan to life than just checking things off your “To Do” list as quickly as possible.

You never know how important your seemingly trivial conversations may be in someone else’s life.  They may need to hear what you have to say and you will be blessed in return.  Make your words encouraging today and every day!