My First Review

HangingThis is my first review and I am sooooooooooo excited – thank you readers for your support!

“Hanging By A Thread is a quick-read, only 15 pages; but the intensity grabs you and holds you until the amazing story has been told about her husband’s horrific accident. This is a faith-building little booklet, and I would recommend it to anyone. (Purchase several and give them away)!”  –  PC from Goldendale, WA

Hello & Welcome!

Welcome to my new blog.  This is all new to me so maybe you can offer advice along the way.  I am a new author and I am introducing my book:  “Hanging By a Thread” (ISBN #978-1500508135).  This is a true story about love, faith and a miracle.  It is a true life short story and I know you will enjoy reading it.  You will find it on and also on Kindle.  Your feedback will greatly be appreciated, so if you read it, please remember to give a review of it also!  Thanks a bunch and hope to hear from you soon!